November 26, 2019


I know back with my inconstant blog posting .I'm hoping this isn’t the last you hear from me for in the next year.I truly want to get back into my passion of blogging, butchering grammar, & typos ;P

Anyway ,

Today I'm showing off a brand that I honestly was a little afraid about at first.

Meet AURate, A high end online jewelry brand.

So as many of you probably know from my previous post I am NOT HIGH END!

I generally shop for deal and never buy anything that isn’t on sale or on a deal.

I was gifted these items and I’m already looking again to buy for my birthday.

Here’s a few reason I decided to switch to high end gold jewelry.

for white gold ear cuff click here !

1.It Last !

I love costume jewelry don’t get me wrong, I will still be buying very fun necklaces that come into trend from fast fashion dealers. The things about fast fashion though is that it does trend out. I love wearing earrings to give my look a little more edge but putting them on everyday is a pain. With my baby hoops...

May 23, 2019

Hi guys and welcome back to my little space on the internet.
I know it’s been a while and I’ll get into that pretty soon. In the mean time I’m here for a really special reason.
Big fig mattress!
I was lucky enough to be able to review one of these bad boys. I spent over 6 months on this thing and there’s no places I’d rather sleep.There were a few key things I considered while sleeping on my Big Fig.

Sloping sides
Comfort (duh)

So let’s start with sloping sides. I’m honestly not sure if smaller people experience this. It’s when your bed turns into a slide after sometime, it’s way less fun then it sounds. 
I’ve honestly purposely pushed myself off the edge of the bed to try to create even the slightest slope. Big fig mentions how their beds never slope. I tried calling BS and ended up looking like the fool in this one. 6+ months and still not even a sign of sloping. To give you a little more of an idea of how big fits compare to a normal mattress my 2000 dollar mattre...

November 3, 2018

Hi guys its November!

As excited I am for the holidays, I'm still mourning the end of halloween. 

If you're anything like me Halloween is the peek of my style...Yes that includes the little plastic spider rings. 

As we quickly switch gears from pumpkins to turkeys I catch myself still trying to keep the spook up.

That includes tons of black and funky patterns. Today Ill be showing you a couple of  low key looks to keep the scares going. 

So these too looks have something in common. I challenged myself to use my favorite button up from to create two individual styles. Keep scrolling to see how I did. 

Look One: Goth Prep 

 So in this cute little look I layered two of my favorites pieces. My infamous satin slip dress and my spotlight item Simplybe's belted button up. It gives off a very goth school girl vibes. Paired with some patent mules and furry backpack it really pulls the look together. 

This next look is one I've been craving to do for a long tim...

October 16, 2018

Did I scare you? 

Its Halloween season and I ironically am feeling alive. I don't think there is anything more that I love then playing dress up. This Halloween I decided to take the words of Lindsey Lohan "In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it."

Though I think you can dress how ever you want whenever you want Halloween is the perfect time to experiment and get a little wild.

That counts for the bed room too. This year I've teamed up with Adam & Eve to show you how to make your boo really scream ;). 

Keep scrolling for a peep into my boudoir. Enter code CREATURE at checkout for 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping on your entire order in the US & Canada. *some exclusions apply.

I personally feel right at home in a set of horns. I've always loved wearing fun headbands and accessorizes with my lingerie....

July 15, 2017

Hi guys back again !

Sorry for the uber late post its been a crazy busy summer and I always end up neglecting you guys because of it. This week I'm bringing you some personal style with this shameless look. I love this simple edgy outfit its very near and dear to me. The corseted top from forever21 is probably favorite because it fits very well and supports my girls. This is a look id wear going out to drinks with my friends or out to explore the city with a leather jacket. Keep scrolling for more details on the whole look!

So guys I really wanted to take this moment to thank you guys for not only reading but also for helping win the Navabi Plus blog award of 2017!!!! I was beyond taken back and haven't gotten a chance to talk about it yet. I seriously felt so much love and support during the voting weeks and I cant thank you guys enough . I cant wait to show you the looks I have planned for Paris!

 speaking of traveling I will be heading to San Diego very soon to...

Hi guys !

Its Summer !!! Even though I cant stand the heat I'm exited for the summer time. I'm taking as many opportunities to wear all the bathing suits I can . This week I'm featuring one of the most kawaii suits I've laid my eyes on. Mod Cloth and I came together to show you fun styles for this summer.

I love the patterns on this piece and how well they mesh together. This lucky cat print was my absolute favorite part of it though. The halter top fits comfortably and the bottoms sit high waisted. Just throw on a pair of sunnies grab a "little" watermelon and you're ready for a beach day !

Find these pieces here

Top || Bottom|| Floatie

 Thats it's for this week as always stay shameless.


Shameless Creature

June 10, 2017

Hi guys back with another post ,

With summer in full effect I wanted to show case a fun sweet look. I know no white after labor day but my page is all about breaking rules.

I loved this top from Fashion Nova because it comes with a bralett which is amazing !Though us bustier women need to watch out. The sizing for the bralett isn't the best. The top it self is so elegant its a piece you can dress up or wear to a music festival.  So keep reading to see more

 All right ladies and gents till next time and remember 

Stay Shameless


Shameless Creature 

May 29, 2017

Hey guys !

Its been a crazy month and I'm beat .With May coming to a close I finally have sometime to wind down and get back into the groove of blogging.  I got a lot of positive feed back about this look so I wanted to share some more detail with you.

As for the next month I'll be putting out more and more content . Look out for youtube and at least bi weekly post. 

I was recently nominated for a "Navabi Plus Size Blog Award" And fingers are crossed I win ! I really need all your support right now so please click here and vote ! 

Please enjoy my ethereal inspired look .  I was happy to find all pieces on sale, the skirt especially. Its fun a-symmetrical hem really spiced up the look for me. Thats all I have for this week , Stay Shameless.


Shameless Creature

 Hello Hello !

Welcome back , I'm super excited for this post . Today I'm featuring an outfit from one of my favorite brands Torrid. I love torrid , Its like the OG of plus size clothing for me . I remember when I first walked into  a Torrid . 

I thought "All of this is for me?!" 

Its amazing how great how great of a feeling it was to have my own store. No not a section , A STORE.

There are so many key pieces I need from torrid. I love love love their high waisted jeggings . They are so comfy and last forever . I was happy to find they had these shorts in a similar material.

They are definitly not suppose to be high waisted but I try to make it work that way HAHA!

I wanted to do a more casual look because I felt like I haven't done one yet, especially for summer . Dressing casually is a learned skill for me . I always find myself adding on so many pieces and spicing looks up too much to the point I'm dressed up at the grocery store .

A cute tee ,some shorts and a cap seemed sim...

May 21, 2017

Hey guys

long time no see life has kind of got me in a choke hold with flights, trips and work .

I'm half way through May which is always a busy time for me . I wanted to take a step back and write to you guys again. I really enjoyed writing my last post about my thoughts,views,and experiences, so I'll definitely be doing that a lot more.

This month happens to be a very important "mental health awareness month" Im really excited to do a couple of post based on this topic. Mental health is something that I rarely feel comfortable talking about to even close friends. I've never been one to be able to put my feeling out there I always have felt kinda of corny in a sense . I dealt with a lot of anxiety and paranoia growing up . I remember constantly worrying about the worst possible situation of very average daily task. As a kid  I was always crying about things I thought might happen. The worst part of fearing the unknown is the fact it may never come . So youre waiting...

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