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Welcome back , I'm super excited for this post . Today I'm featuring an outfit from one of my favorite brands Torrid. I love torrid , Its like the OG of plus size clothing for me . I remember when I first walked into  a Torrid . 

I thought "All of this is for me?!" 

Its amazing how great how great of a feeling it was to have my own store. No not a section , A STORE.

There are so many key pieces I need from torrid. I love love love their high waisted jeggings . They are so comfy and last forever . I was happy to find they had these shorts in a similar material.

They are definitly not suppose to be high waisted but I try to make it work that way HAHA!

I wanted to do a more casual look because I felt like I haven't done one yet, especially for summer . Dressing casually is a learned skill for me . I always find myself adding on so many pieces and spicing looks up too much to the point I'm dressed up at the grocery store .

A cute tee ,some shorts and a cap seemed sim...

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Shameless creature is a body positive blog  based on the newest trends and fashion. Follow me and experience new corners of the world ,my personal style, and some of the best food around.
My blog started in 2016 to help bring positive and beautiful vibes to the plus size community. This page is a travel,fashion,and overall life style blog. This page was created to break boundaries in the plus size blogging world .Youll get to see adventures from music festivals to anime conventions to the hottest spot to eat on the west coast.Join me and watch as I Dance ,Dine,travel,and explore new worlds and people shamelessly as a plus size women .


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