April 18, 2017

Back so soon ? 

Soo guys here's another look coming at you ! I kinda talked about this look and how dressing a little more androgynous was hard for me especially when I was younger. I had constantly tried to over compensate my weight with being overly feminine. I was scared that if I didn't look girly enough I wouldn't be like by guys/people nor respected by them. Looking dolled up everyday definitely played a role in my school ,money, and time . I would go out of my way to show people "Hey I'm a girl okay? even though I'm fat I'm girl." It becomes tolling on your mental state. The days I wanted to relax I felt I couldn't . Going out without makeup, wearing jeans ,and any sweatshirts/tees were a huge NO! .When I did  I wanted to sink into myself and disappear, I felt  ugly, as if I looked like a boy, or just like garbage. Anxiety would find its way into me at the slightest feeling of masculinity . Trips to the store or to go anywhere with friends took hours because I absolutely had to l...

April 17, 2017

Hey guy long time no talk . Life has been a little crazy so I've been behind on post . So I'm going to give you guys back to back post this week ! I have a lot im preparing for in this next coming month ! With plus size Prom, Across the country trips,seeing my man, and Anime adventures on their way. Expect lots and lots of fun "life style" post . For now as promised here a the first of a few post.

This week is another set from my Oakland adventure.

Im wearing a favorite look of mine , something more old school. Giving off some real paper boy vibes . I paired a cute corduroy overall dress with a cap and booties for a simple and still fun look. Keep reading to find out where everything is from! 

 CAP | Brixton || Glasses | Urban Outfitters || Top | XXI+ || Dress | Rue21 || Shoes | Torrid

 Thank you again guys for reading ! Lookout for more post today.


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Shameless Creature

March 20, 2017

Hey Guys and welcome back !

This week I'm bringing you more Elvi clothing. I'm so happy to show you more of their collection and how is styled. Im so excited to be working on new projects! I'll have a release date for my youtube coming soon and im planning a meet up with my California babes ! In the mean time enjoy the post and keep reading for details

Shoes|| ASOS | Top|| Elvi | Dress|| Rue21

 So thats it until next sunday ! Keep updated by following me on

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As always 

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Shameless Creature

March 6, 2017

Hey guys long time no see !

I know its been a while and I'm so excited to show you what I've been working on ! I've completely changed my domain and I'm starting new ! So much has happened since we last talked and I'm sorry for ditching you guys !With new companies catching my eye,new adventures with friends, and new love. I got very caught up with life. I've now buckled down and I'm ready to really share some adventures with you. With many plans for 2017 there will be so much to share and talk about. I've made changes to a lot on my page and this will be the start to weekly post and youtube videos.So excited to show yous all the new new in my life !

A lot has changed but somethings still have not.Today I'm showing the always beautiful pieces from Elvi clothing . I was lucky enough to be gifted this beautiful satin piece for their SS line. This long satin navy duster is literally breath taking paired with jeans on or dresses. Read on to see how I styled it .


| Dress || Charlotte Rus...

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