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Hey guys long time no see !

I know its been a while and I'm so excited to show you what I've been working on ! I've completely changed my domain and I'm starting new ! So much has happened since we last talked and I'm sorry for ditching you guys !With new companies catching my eye,new adventures with friends, and new love. I got very caught up with life. I've now buckled down and I'm ready to really share some adventures with you. With many plans for 2017 there will be so much to share and talk about. I've made changes to a lot on my page and this will be the start to weekly post and youtube videos.So excited to show yous all the new new in my life !


A lot has changed but somethings still have not.Today I'm showing the always beautiful pieces from Elvi clothing . I was lucky enough to be gifted this beautiful satin piece for their SS line. This long satin navy duster is literally breath taking paired with jeans on or dresses. Read on to see how I styled it .


| Dress || Charlotte Russe + | Trench || Elvi | Shoes || ASOS | Choker || Charlotte Russe|

Whats better then satin on satin ? Ive been pairing like material together and I'm loving the outcome. The pink satin dress helped give a spring vibe with the royal blue . Paired with a shiny patent leather boot ,which helped give the look an edgy flair .

I was so happy to take these photos and share them with you. I'm also so so excited to be able to show you guys every week new content! Id love to hear more and more feed back about what you hate, love, and want to see on my page. I'm happy to continue this adventure with you I'm inspired everyday by all of you and cant wait to see how much we grow ! As always stay shameless babies!


Shameless Creature