Orange you a cutie ?

Back so soon ?

Soo guys here's another look coming at you ! I kinda talked about this look and how dressing a little more androgynous was hard for me especially when I was younger. I had constantly tried to over compensate my weight with being overly feminine. I was scared that if I didn't look girly enough I wouldn't be like by guys/people nor respected by them. Looking dolled up everyday definitely played a role in my school ,money, and time . I would go out of my way to show people "Hey I'm a girl okay? even though I'm fat I'm girl." It becomes tolling on your mental state. The days I wanted to relax I felt I couldn't . Going out without makeup, wearing jeans ,and any sweatshirts/tees were a huge NO! .When I did I wanted to sink into myself and disappear, I felt ugly, as if I looked like a boy, or just like garbage. Anxiety would find its way into me at the slightest feeling of masculinity . Trips to the store or to go anywhere with friends took hours because I absolutely had to look cute. Plus it's ultra hard to look causal in the skirts I had.

Eventually as time went by I started to realize no matter how I looked or what I wore the stigma of who I was as fat women didn't change. One day a question popped into my head. "Who am I trying to prove this to?" It took a long time but I started to realize no matter what I wear or how I dress I'm going to be me. Jeans or not I am a still pretty , Makeup or not I'm still to be respected. Femme or not I am still a women.

Now a days I feel free to wear whatever whenever I like. I was super happy to wear this outfit and still feel glam in a baggy long sleeve and jeans. Thank you guys for reading and keep reading for details on what I'm wearing

Top || Forever21+ | Jeans || Charlotte Russe | Fishnets || ASOS | Shoes || Vans | Choker || Charlotte Russe

Thank you guys again for reading ! I hope you enjoyed and can' wait to see you very very soon..

As always

Stay Shameless.


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