Rise of the Empire

Hello Hello !

Welcome back , I'm super excited for this post . Today I'm featuring an outfit from one of my favorite brands Torrid. I love torrid , Its like the OG of plus size clothing for me . I remember when I first walked into a Torrid .

I thought "All of this is for me?!"

Its amazing how great how great of a feeling it was to have my own store. No not a section , A STORE.

There are so many key pieces I need from torrid. I love love love their high waisted jeggings . They are so comfy and last forever . I was happy to find they had these shorts in a similar material.

They are definitly not suppose to be high waisted but I try to make it work that way HAHA!

I wanted to do a more casual look because I felt like I haven't done one yet, especially for summer . Dressing casually is a learned skill for me . I always find myself adding on so many pieces and spicing looks up too much to the point I'm dressed up at the grocery store .

A cute tee ,some shorts and a cap seemed simple enough but of course I had to throw on some fishnets because... I liveee for the drama!


So guys that's it for now look out for more !

I'm excited for my Youtube videos to come back in the fall. let me know down below what you'd like to see more of .

Also if you haven't noticed I changed my layout and the way I style my post what do you guys think ?

As always

Stay Shameless