A Spooky Aftermath

Hi guys its November!

As excited I am for the holidays, I'm still mourning the end of halloween.

If you're anything like me Halloween is the peek of my style...Yes that includes the little plastic spider rings.

As we quickly switch gears from pumpkins to turkeys I catch myself still trying to keep the spook up.

That includes tons of black and funky patterns. Today Ill be showing you a couple of low key looks to keep the scares going.

So these too looks have something in common. I challenged myself to use my favorite button up from SimplyBe.com to create two individual styles. Keep scrolling to see how I did.

Look One: Goth Prep

So in this cute little look I layered two of my favorites pieces. My infamous satin slip dress and my spotlight item Simplybe's belted button up. It gives off a very goth school girl vibes. Paired with some patent mules and furry backpack it really pulls the look together.

This next look is one I've been craving to do for a long time. Androgyny is something I've always wanted to experiment with but never felt like I could. I feared looking "manish",whatever that means. I dreamed of doing looks like my favorite bloggers with slick back hair and a power suit. One day I just said "screw this!"

I was tired of holding my own style back because I was afraid to not wear something "flattering".

For this look I paired my Simplybe belted top with plaid for a classic PUNK look.

My T.U.K booties are a go-to when I want to spice up a look. I finished it off with a wallet chain from Daiso. (its essentially your average $1 store but on crack) I really wish I wore more jewelry. I was lucky the intricate looking belt on the top helped me pull off a minimalistic look. I do still wish a threw on some rings so that is a resolution for the up coming year....


Well Thats all guys be sure to check me out on Simplybe's list of 12 Plus Size Bloggers in 2018!

Have a spooky rest of your fall!

Stay Shameless,