Hi guys and welcome back to my little space on the internet. I know it’s been a while and I’ll get into that pretty soon. In the mean time I’m here for a really special reason. Big fig mattress! I was lucky enough to be able to review one of these bad boys. I spent over 6 months on this thing and there’s no places I’d rather sleep.There were a few key things I considered while sleeping on my Big Fig. Sloping sides Sinking Comfort (duh) Stability

So let’s start with sloping sides. I’m honestly not sure if smaller people experience this. It’s when your bed turns into a slide after sometime, it’s way less fun then it sounds. I’ve honestly purposely pushed myself off the edge of the bed to try to create even the slightest slope. Big fig mentions how their beds never slope. I tried calling BS and ended up looking like the fool in this one. 6+ months and still not even a sign of sloping. To give you a little more of an idea of how big fits compare to a normal mattress my 2000 dollar mattress sloped in about 4 months.

Sinking is a hugeee things got plus sized people on bad mattresses. My standard mattress sunk about 2-3 months in. 8 months later I started getting springs poking at me. A year my mattress was pretty much a crevice. My boyfriend would actually jokingly call it then because we’d both roll into it from either side.Big fig still feels brand new! No signs of sinking at all! It still stands nice and firm.

So when I say comfort I know it always depends on the person. Some people love extra firm some people love super soft beds.I fall about in the middle of that. I personally think the big fig is on the firmer side but I don’t think there’s any bed I’d rather be in. A lot of people have compared the big fig to hotel mattress but I think they surpass that !

Lastly stability , Can I just say the pictures of plus people jumping on the big fig is no joke. At least to my boyfriend it isn’t. I’ve watched this man launch himself into bed way too many times THATS I was sure my bed would just fall apart! Low and behold I now give my big fig a few bounces when I’m a little to excited about a show or ya know through the whole season of AOT! The bed stands so sturdy

Overall I honestly give the big fig 10/10 ! They truly deliver and think of their plus size customers in every aspect for this bed! Please please if you are plus sized (or even just love good sleep) this mattress is amazing for you! Right now they are having a huge sale for Memorial Day so check it out use my code at exit !

XO Shameless Creature