Striking gold!


I know back with my inconstant blog posting .I'm hoping this isn’t the last you hear from me for in the next year.I truly want to get back into my passion of blogging, butchering grammar, & typos ;P

Anyway ,

Today I'm showing off a brand that I honestly was a little afraid about at first.

Meet AURate, A high end online jewelry brand.

So as many of you probably know from my previous post I am NOT HIGH END!

I generally shop for deal and never buy anything that isn’t on sale or on a deal.

I was gifted these items and I’m already looking again to buy for my birthday.

Here’s a few reason I decided to switch to high end gold jewelry.

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1.It Last !

I love costume jewelry don’t get me wrong, I will still be buying very fun necklaces that come into trend from fast fashion dealers. The things about fast fashion though is that it does trend out. I love wearing earrings to give my look a little more edge but putting them on everyday is a pain. With my baby hoops and cuff I wear EVERYDAY. I sleep in these babies and shower in them and they are perfectly A-OKAY!

Its nice to know you’ll have something reliable staple to wear time after time.


2. No irritation

I know this doesn’t happen to everyone but my ears are very sensitive when I buy costume jewelry it can cause my ears to burn.

Using quality jewelry alleviated that problem almost instantly.Theres so many things that are toxic to us now a days im happy to use quality material as a treat to myself

white gold earrings

3.(Most importantly) You deserve it !

I didn't think i would take care or would deserve to have quality items like these but i love them so much and Ive taken the extra steps to take care of them. Everyone deserves to treat themselves to a long last durable well made treat whether it be a gift or a treat from yourself !

Go hunt for some gold ladies and gent its been found Here